The Neighborhood Hangout

 Cofounded in 2012 by friends and fellow USD-alums Zack Knipe and Andy Rogers, Kensington Brewing Company (KBC) started as a small-scale operation in a Kensington garage and is now a full-blown family and community affair. With Zack’s cousin as KBC’s head-brewer and his father often behind the bar, our brewery is literally held together by family bonds, and we pride ourselves on presenting our beers in an equally family-friendly atmosphere. 

Our tap list features 20+ beers named after neighborhood streets and predominately showcases both Zack and Andy’s affinity for malt-forward, but well-balanced, Old World styles. Although it’s mainly our beer that brings regulars back in time and time again, KBC is focused on making our tasting room a place for connection—we know many of our customers by name and are always looking to be involved with community-based events. We give 1% of profits back to Kensington community initiatives, organizations and fundraisers, and are always looking for ways our company can support San Diegans.


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